Fuel Gas Booster Compressors


60 HP electric motor driven landfill gas/fuel gas boosting & refrigeration/dryer package. Compression & refrigeration systems on common skid.

Fuel gas booster for sweet pipeline quality gas; 250 hp electric motor driven reciprocating compressor (three units on common skid).

Installed fuel gas booster for landfill gas, six compressor packages each consisting of two electric motor driven rotary screw compressors (1st stage 400hp, 2nd stage 600hp).

Fuel gas booster for landfill gas; two 100% units, 450 hp electric motor driving Mycom 2520L rotary screw compressor utilizing landfill gas (boosted to 165 psig) for power generation.



When you are looking to increase fuel supply pressure, look to EnerSource Compression Systems to find the right solution to boost the compression of the fuel gas at your turbine or power generation site. Whether your fuel gas booster application calls for multiple staging, stainless steel construction or accommodations for a sweet or sour gas application, EnerSource Compression Systems will custom package a skid mounted, fuel gas booster to meet the demands of your specific application. Reciprocating compressors or rotary screw compressors are most commonly used as they will provide the most flexibility and horsepower efficiencies.


Electric motors most commonly used; gas engine drivers are also available.


Reciprocating, sliding vane, or rotary screw packages available as design conditions require.


Fuel gas boosters mounted on structural steel or concrete filled skids.


Gas refrigeration systems available (can be mounted on same skid). 

EnerSource Compression Systems utilizes Caterpillar and Waukesha gas engines, Ariel and Gemini reciprocating compressors, LeRoi, Mycom, and Ariel rotary screw compressors, and Fuller Bulk Handling and AC Compressor sliding vane compressors.


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